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The idea for Penguin Caffeinated Peppermints, in fact, was conceived while carpooling. The routine was familiar: Each day, on the way to work, two Puget Sound graduates, Brett and Adam, would stop for their daily caffeine fix. To ensure co-worker acceptance and a fresh personal presence, they would follow up the java with a mint. Running late one day and not having time to stop for lattes, Brett, still deep in his post-martini haze and without realizing the import of his next thought, Brett turned to Adam and said, "Would not it be great if these things were jacked up with caffeine?" The proverbial light bulb...the big Ah-Ha...a moment of it what you wish, they knew the idea would shake the foundations of modern society. One month later, they quit their jobs to bring the world PenguinsĀ®- The Original Caffeinated Peppermints.
From June 1997 on, Brett and Adam went to work sampling mints, many mints. In order to raise capital, Adam sold his 1991 Honda Accord (and promptly bought a cherry 1979 280 ZX for CHEAP!). Then both maxed out their credit cards and drained their life savings. Since personal bills were piling up (not having a job will do that to you), Adam got a job waiting tables at night; Brett got a job valeting cars. Entrepreneurs by day and service guys by night!

Finally they scraped together enough coin to pay for the initial round of Penguins and set up shop in the rather cramped quarters of Bretts 500-square-foot student apartment. A computer, a plywood door on "borrowed" milk crates and a plastic chair from Target doubled as office furnishings. At least the place smelled nice because it even served as a warehouse!

Fast forward to today. Operations have since moved out of Bretts apartment, a couple of employees were hired and they are growing rapidly in order to satisfy the growing demand for the product. It\'s been and continues to be a wild ride...

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